What impedes companies working with cryptocurrencies?

Most of cryptocurrency exchanges are faced with the problem of entering and withdrawing the fiat currencies through their bank accounts.
Banks are extremely reluctant to partner with crypto-providers in following their AML-policies requirements.
PSPs o er a fairly expensive and not always good quality services.

We offer a solution

Advantages of our solution

Licensed Estonian company, working in a legal field and providing AML / KYC requirements for its customers. This raises trust of clients, as well as confidence of the banks and partner PSPs.
Personal Wallet Manager, integrated with Bitcoin API allows you to carry out operations with the cryptocurrency without using any external applications.
Online integration with partner PSP provides real-time refill / withdrawal of the funds to accounts or cards via bank transfers and remittance services.
Use of hardware HSM Thales E-security provides high level of protection and safety.

Legal framework

The Estonian law recognizes the exchange of cryptocurrency as a legal economic activity In accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court of Estonia No. 3-3-1-75-15 of 11 April 2016, Cryptocurrencies can be sold in Estonia, both in the form of the exchange of traditional (fiat) currencies in cryptocurrencies, and vice versa. Transfer of cryptocurrency is recognized as economic activity for Provider of alternative means of payment. Thus, the cryptocurrency is recognized as an alternative payment method, and Provider of alternative means of payment can operate with cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of Estonia

EU Membership
Estonia is a full member of the European Union and is part of the euro area.
Business climate
Estonia is friendly for investments, electronic program E-residence citizenship for business is implemented.
Electronic document management
System of state electronic document management and electronic services exists and works effectively in Estonia.
Preferential taxation
Zero tax on undistributed profits.
Estonia is the first European country to plan an ICO at the state level.


input of the funds into the system from the bank card, through the remittance services, international wire transfer.
Buy and sell
bitcoin in real time.
bitcoin to other wallets.
of funds from the system from the bank card, through the remittance services, international wire transfer.
Cobrand cards
issuing of prepaid-cards, re-plenishment of cards with a multicurrency wallet in the system.